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Laurie Towner & Bryce Young - Slow Lane

This section from the needessentials feature surf film Slow Lane shows Laurie Towner and lifelong friend Bryce Young enjoying their home break. In the film Laurie shapes a 4’10” keel twin fin and in this short excerpt he rides it as well as other boards from his quiver. Bryce is riding an asymmetrical design and the music was composed for this section of the film by Lennox based collective Headland.

The Slow Lane film, available now at needessentials films, follows big wave surfer Laurie Towner and his family as they travel on a dream road trip exploring the vast Australian coastline in search of waves, good fishing and adventures.

This film produced by needessentials and edited by Ishka Folkwell, not only showcases Laurie Towner's surfing but also gives you an in-depth understanding of Laurie as a surfer and father. The film explores the concept of passing on knowledge to the next generation through shared experiences and good times spent together as a family. Cinematographer Nathan Henshaw's beautiful images capture the stunning landscape of the Australian continent and its wide variety of waves and wildlife as the family make their way from coast to coast.

With an original soundtrack featuring Headland, Nick Bampton and Maanyung and additional music by Mick Turner from the Dirty Three and Musgrave Band this film is a portrait of a young family on a simple adventure.

Surf section music: "Blow with Lau" by Headland


"Blow with Lau" forms part of the Slow Lane Laurie Towner needessentials feature film original soundtrack by artists HeadlandNick Bampton, Maanyung and additional music by Mick TurnerMusgrave Band and Isla Towner.