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Torren Martyn and Friends - An excerpt from ‘On the Light Side'

The needesentials feature film 'On the Light Side' followed Torren Martyn as he floated through Indonesia visiting the places that have inspired him during his extensive travels through this special archipelago over the years.

Torren has travelled to Indonesia each year of his adult life. He reconnects with friends he has made there and puts in plenty of time in the ocean. He has a deep love, connection and gratitude for this part of the world that has given him so much.

This excerpt from 'On the Light Side' features close childhood friends Torren, Nick Colbey, Jyoti Walker and a group of from their home town lucking into a day of perfect waves while they were on an Indo boat trip to celebrate a birthday.

Torren’s dedication to Indonesia shows as threads a 6’10” Simon Jones shaped Morning of the Earth Surfboards channel bottom twin through these challenging barrels. 

When surfers arrange their lives in advance to be somewhere for waves it’s always a roll of the dice. Fortunately, for Torren and his friends this time the Indian Ocean delivered. 

Music:   Colbey - 'Eyes On The Ceiling'

Footage and edit: Ishka Folkwell


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