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needessentials - we make premium wetsuits and wetsuit accessories for fraction of the price.

needessentials was born from my own desire to consume less and live simply. It’s about not wasting resources on what is not important. The concept is to have less but to have what is well made, what is premium, what is timeless and useful at its core.

By letting go of things like branding, packaging, retail mark ups and expensive advertising campaigns needessentials can make premium wetsuits and surf products more accessible to surfers. This way, what surfers can save by buying only what is needed in a product they can spend on what is important in their own lives...more


Nordurland is a film about going surfing in the harsh, cold waters of the North Atlantic.  It follows three friends from the subtropical northern rivers of NSW Australia, surfers Torren Martyn and Laurie Towner,  as well as needessentials founder and designer Ryan Scanlon. They travel to isolated, snow covered coastlines in search of remote waves and Filmmaker Ishka Folkwell, beautifully captures these vast and stunning landscapes on screen. With an original soundtrack composed for the film by Headland, glaciers, mountains and powerful icy surf all come to life in this adventure to the far north. Torren Martyn's narration throughout the film offers a personal reflection on the trip and a real glimpse into the challenges and rewards of traveling to frozen, distant lands in search of surf.