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Hand Foiled 8.5” Single Hybrid - Clear

Sale price$90.00 AUD
  • Highest quality 6oz fibreglass cloth and resin (45 x fibreglass layers)
  • Individually hand foiled 
  • Height:  220mm    / Base:  145mm     
  • Blank fin / no branding
  • Clear fibreglass wet rub finish
  • Marine-grade stainless steel plate and screw
  • Reusable recycled EVA fin sleeve

The needessentials hand foiled fibreglass 8.5” Hybrid Single Fin has been designed for manoeuvrability and pivot in the pocket on mid-length and shorter single fin boards. 

Individually hand foiled fibreglass fins are superior to moulded fins as they provide far more speed, drive and hold due to the increased rigidity of the flex pattern.

The 8.5” Hybrid Single Fin’s rigid flex-pattern and solid base provides speed and drive, while the tapered foil through to a less flexible fin tip gives your board a controlled feel when under speed and load in all conditions.

needessentials is a collection of Australian surfers who are dedicated to responsibly making the best quality wetsuits and essential surf accessories more affordable.

Customer Reviews

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great feeing, versatile fin

When I initially recieved this I was unsure if I had made a mistake, having precviously only surfed a 7" fin, however this fin has plenty of bite while also feeling really loose and able to draw a tight arc. Loving it so far - surfing it in a 6'4 Rob Machado Sunday