62 Litre Dry Duffle
62 Litre Dry Duffle

62 Litre Dry Duffle

  • fully-welded roll-top 
  • 100% waterproof 
  • heat welded main body seams for superior reinforcement (guaranteed not to leak)
  • carry straps that double as shoulder straps
  • waterproof side zip pocket 
  • black with no external branding

    The needessentials wet/dry 62L duffle bag is designed as a durable technical expedition pack that will store your gear securely and keep it dry, or be used to transport wet gear.

    The pack features a fully-welded main compartment and a roll-top which makes it waterproof the heat-welded main body seams add superior reinforcement and carry straps that double as shoulder straps the duffle is black with no external branding.

    needessentials is a collection of Australian surfers who are dedicated to responsibly making the best quality wetsuits and essential surf accessories more affordable.

    We only use the highest quality materials, manufacturing and components and we design products to be functional and long-lasting.

    Why are we so affordable?

    needessentials is an independent, direct supply company, run by Australian surfers. We value the truth, which is why we are honest about what it costs to create our products.

    With no branding, packaging, excessive advertising campaigns or retail mark ups, we are able to invest in what is important, building the highest quality products at the best price. We only use the best materials and manufacturing and we are dedicated to providing you with a world class wetsuit.