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Final Surf Section - Lost Track Atlantic - Episode 2

Lost Track Atlantic is a four-part series that takes you on the journey of a lifetime, from the far north Atlantic to the tropical, equatorial coast of West Africa. Follow best friends, surfer Torren Martyn and filmmaker Ishka Folkwell in a search for waves and life long memories, as they journey down the Atlantic coastline passing through some of the most culturally diverse regions on the planet. 

In Episode 1, Torren and Ishka start their journey in Northern Europe, fitting out their van then hitting the road, exploring Ireland and Scotland, scoring some incredible waves. In Episode 2, the boys make a huge call to leave Scotland, skip the European coast and drive around 3,000 miles through the continent to cross the Strait of Gibraltar and meet a swell that'd been forecasted to hit the North African coast.

In this final surf section from Lost Track Atlantic episode 2 filmmaker Ishka Folkwell finds the angles to brilliantly capture Torren Martyn during a memorable afternoon session on the edge of the African continent. Set to the Tishoumaren riffs of Tuareg band Imarhan, this clip takes you back with hope to a time of open borders and exotic foreign barrels.

Ishka is close to finalising the third episode of the four-part needessentials Lost Track Atlantic feature series - it'll be released early next month. Come along on this journey of a lifetime, from the far north Atlantic to the tropical, equatorial coast of West Africa and be reminded that although life has its highs and lows, we can always find contentment in a deep connection with nature, community and the ocean.