Drew McPherson & Nathan Henshaw - A State of Play.

Torren Martyn - Tesoro Enterrado - Feature Film

Torren describes how he found himself chasing buried treasure in Central America: 

"The little mission down south to warm water came around as a bit of a surprise to me too. I’d originally planned to just spend a week or two with my girlfriend Aiyana in California and pictured surfing knee to waist high Malibu at best. One idea led to another as most good times do and before we really knew it Aiyana and I were rolling south of where we were currently camped out driving in awe through these beautiful snow capped mountains in the Eastern Sierras on a fairly straight mission south to a serious contrast of scenes. We were pretty excited!
A good mate Perry Gershkow was able to juggle a few commitments around his neck of the woods of SF and before we really had too much time to think we kind of just woke up the next day deep in central America. It was a classic little scenario.
I was travelling with two boards, a 7’2 and a 6’10. It’s so rare that I break a board, maybe one or two a year? Anyhow I managed to break them both in the first couple of days. I guess I was rattled and disheartened when the first broke and then when the second went, I was kind of just baffled like haha really!? Luckily the local guys there have probably stitched together more boards than anyone anywhere else in the world so it was a pretty efficient little turn around and I was so grateful for that. Thankfully my mate Luke lent me his little 5’7 and a 4’11 for a wiggle in between.
The waves we had down there were absolutely incredible, sort of mind boggling at times. It’s humbling the energy in the ocean and the way the sand and currents dictated where and what waves we surfed. They were there one day and gone the next. I think that was the beauty of it too, we didn’t really have any expectations or too much of a plan, things just fell in to place and I wouldn’t change a thing.
For me it was one of those spontaneous experiences made up of the combination of good people, the land, weather and a little luck on our side that are a friendly little reminder of just how lucky we all are to have this to share. Happy days!"
Surfer: Torren Martyn
Film Maker: Perry Gershkow
Surf Boards: Simon Jones: Morning of the earth
Produced by:needessentials
Music:  Gibson Kente -Saduva
Thrupence - How to be invisible
Sandy's Band - How long does it take
Midlife - I and I


Thank You Mother - A Journey of Appreciation

"Simon Jones of Morning of the Earth Surfboards originally shaped the 7’9” Massive for one of his friends. Somehow it ended up in my hands. From my first wave on the board I felt refreshed in so many ways. It was a feeling I had never felt before on a surfboard and made me want to ride it in all conditions from 1ft to 8ft. Being so long and drivey it allows me to draw some unique lines”. 

Enjoy this cut from Thank You Mother of Torren Martyn at J-Bay. The film, produced by Torren Martyn and Ishka Folkwell, has an original soundtrack by Nick Bampton and is narrated by award winning Australian film maker and life long simplist Albert Falzon (who made the seminal 1970s surf film Morning of the Earth).  

“Thank You Mother” began as a story about the act of creating a surfboard and the art of riding one. Exploring the connection between surfer Torren Martyn and his friend, mentor and surfboard shaper Simon Jones of “Morning Of The Earth Surfboards”. This naturally led to the doorstep of another friend and mentor, Albert Falzon and the film became more about connection, creativity and friendship, about surfing, being happy, and living simply. It's a cinematic journey of surfing, simplicity and appreciation which isn't afraid to be beautiful, stylish and sincere.  
The feature surf film and LP vinyl copies of the soundtrack are available for purchase at or All proceeds go directly to the filmmakers. 


 Nordurland is a film about going surfing in the harsh, cold waters of the North Atlantic. It follows three friends from the subtropical northern rivers of NSW Australia, surfers Torren Martyn and Laurie Towner, as well as needessentials founder and designer Ryan Scanlon. They travel to isolated, snow covered coastlines in search of remote waves and Filmmaker Ishka Folkwell, beautifully captures these vast and stunning landscapes on screen. With an original soundtrack composed for the film by Headland, glaciers, mountains and powerful icy surf all come to life in this adventure to the far north. Torren Martyn's narration throughout the film offers a personal reflection on the trip and a real glimpse into the challenges and rewards of traveling to frozen, distant lands in search of surf.


Johanna Brebner having a great time surfing some long point breaks in Australia.

Robyn-Surfing in your 70's

Robyn began surfing in 1963 and was one of the first female surfers in the area. This short film by Ashley Beer captures Robyn's love of the ocean. It celebrates her gratitude for the simple things in life, like living by the sea and surfing every day.

Music: Headland - Neska Polita "Pretty Girl"

Thank You Mother Trailer

Thank You Mother is a cinematic journey of surfing, simplicity and appreciation. It is a film that isn’t afraid to be beautiful, stylish and sincere. Produced by Torren Martyn and Ishka Folkwell with an original soundtrack by Nick Bampton. Thank You Mother is narrated by award winning Australian film maker and life-long simplist Albert Falzon, who made the seminal 1970 surf film Morning of the Earth


Drew McPherson- Sliding through a winter's morning

Nathan Henshaw’s short film on Drew McPherson’s Dawn Surf has a timeless quality about it. Drew's surfing is effortless and the film feels like it could have been shot in just about any decade.

Drew chooses to live an uncomplicated life, focusing on the simple things, always travelling light and searching for uncrowded waves.


Drew McPherson- Solitude

In a new clip sound tracked by vagabond muso Archer, needessentials product tester Drew McPherson goes deep in the mist on some cold and lonely, cliff-lined coasts. Swinging a long pintail single-fin under the lip, Drew’s uncomplicated approach echoes the lonesome blues of Archer. Both are men who travel light; who try to find authenticity by letting go of the trappings, not accumulating them. Sometimes humans need to slow down and take stock, so kick back in an old chair and enjoy this perfect slice of
arm-dragging’ soul.

Then go find your own.

Music - Archer - Garden - Album Old time sing song man.
Pound Records


Nias - Laurie Towner

The swell was almost to big for the reef, turning a perfect right into a thick double up monster. On the big day most waves where going unridden with only a few putting themselves under the lip and getting rewarded with some amazing tubes. After getting some great waves Laurie Towner got flogged at the bottom of a huge double up separating some ribs. He was done! but still stoked.
A Film by Gary Parker

Lucid Dreaming - Laurie Towner

Watch what happens when Laurie Towner meets the biggest swell to hit Fiji's Cloudbreak.

A portrait of Laurie Towner

A glimpse into the everyday life of big wave surfer Laurie Towner in his home town on the east coast of Australia.
Film by Gary Parker

Torren Martyn on a 5’4” twin - baby blue

Torren Martyn in a short story about a long session in Indonesia. The trip itself was a short spontaneous one, this is one of if not my favourite waves to visit. It's just one of those places that I really enjoy spending self time at, reading, thinking, early mornings and early nights just simple living. I find the ocean there so unpredictable and mesmerising, one of those places you can sit and just about stare at the ocean all day and never really know what's going to happen next.


From the edge of the earth

Nothing better than spending all day in the water in those cold winter months when the wind is offshore all day - On the edge of Australia somewhere with Torren Martyn - from the feature film Lost Track by Ishka Folkwell

Torren Martyn - Western Oz

Torren Martyn racing through some Western Australian tunnels. A short film from the LOST TRACK film by Ishka Folkwell - FEATURING NEEDessentials wetsuits.

Torren Martyn sliding through Central America

Torren Martyn sliding through central America by ishka folkwell