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6/4/3 Hooded Liquid Taped Thermal Chest Zip Wetsuit

Sale price$420.00 AUD
  • External liquid sealed seams 
  • 80% rapid-dry thermal lining
  • Highest quality 360° stretch limestone neoprene
  • 100% glued, blind stitched and internally taped
  • Chest zip entry with an internal water barrier
  • Extra durable 4-way stretch kneepads
  • Ergonomic built-in hood
  • Sealed cuffs
  • Internal key stash
  • Blank wetsuit / no external branding
  • Colour black
  • Designed in Australia manufactured in Thailand

Designed and tested in Arctic conditions, the needessentials 6/4/3mm Liquid Taped Thermal Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit has been developed for extremely cold water temperatures ranging from 1°C to 8°C (34° to 47°F). Featuring highest quality, rapid-dry thermal-lined limestone neoprene, combined with the best level of seam construction, this is a high performance extra warm wetsuit with a built-in hood that significantly increases overall heat retention to keep you comfortable in extremely cold water conditions.

needessentials is a collective of Australian surfers who are dedicated to responsibly making the best possible wetsuits more affordable.

Torren is 188cm / 80kg and wears a size LT  ( * provided as a guide - check our size chart or contact customer service for more information).

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Matiu Ratima
Awesome suit

Fits like a glove. Warmest suit I've ever owned. Superior in my view to other branded suits I own which were all a few hundred dollars more expensive.

All time wetsuits on all fronts!

These suits are the best wetsuits I've used over the past 20 years, and I now have 4 of them over 3 thicknesses, These are used on the west coast of B.C. Aside from the ideology and ethos of the brand, the construction methods and design of the suit are bomber for the following reasons: 1) Size - arms and legs are appropriately long so that suit can be snug in the armpits and crotch and still full length at your wrist and ankles, and this allows the whole suit to fit snug to the body. 2) the Hood - hood shape/size includes a proper length in the neck to allow a casual spine while in the suit (unlike many suits) - there's no neck strain. The visor could use improvement, but grace given 3) Seams are burly - (liquid taped I have), all seams are connected in 3 ways, the inside tape and the outer liquid tape are quite wide, notably wider than most other suits, and that yields a strong and long lasting seam/stress point. After a couple years of use only the standard issues have arisen, inside of the knees are wearing thin and elasticity of hood cord is shot, but seams are still tight and tidy.

Due to the solid build and fit I also find I can run these suits thinner than others. For summer months in BC, we've always run 4/3s (on average). This year I dropped into a 3/2 in late Spring and on sunny mid-summer days I'm too warm; I'll need a 2mm for next year. There's a real advantage to the design of these suits on so many fronts and I commend the team behind them!

Tim A
Warm as Toast

I have always hated the cold, but with this wetsuit even in the depths of the Southern Winter I am now warm as toast. I used to get out and have white frozen hands, and be cold to the core and need a hot shower to warm up - not anymore . This suit is amazing. Also combine this with the 6mm boots and you can do 3-4hour sessions in the depths of winter with ease!

Even on those cold inconsistent days or when I take the kids surfing and don't catch waves I am warm as toast. When I get out of the water I have full function of my hands etc.

Paddling is no worse than the 5/4 i had the last 2 years and to be honest isn't that much worse than my 4/3.

I find the fit really good as well.

Better than the big brands

I've worn my 6/4/3 about 6 or 7 times and it is the warmest wetsuit I have owned. Last one was a top of the range 5/4 and this is warmer.
I'm 192cm and 85kg and wear the LT. It fits well and arms are also as flexible as the big brands.
I almost need a XLT across the shoulders but I don't want it loose everywhere else.
Slightly heavier but is is a 6mm and I'd rather be warm and able to move than cold and light.
Great wettie and for this price, I'll buy a 4/3 for the less cold days as well.