Twin Fins
Twin Fins

Twin Fins


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needESSENTIALS Twin Fins

  • Premium 6oz hand foiled fibre glass - High tensile 6oz fibre glass (38 x Layers)
  • Individually Hand foiled and wet rubbed
  • Single Tab fin base (compatible with Futures box)
  • Matt black finish
  • Available in Medium and Large Templates
  • Recycled cardboard fin sleeve
The needessentials hand foiled fibre glass Twin fin template has been designed by Freesurfer Torren Martyn and Simon Jones of Morning of the Earth Surfboards.  These Individually hand foiled fibre glass fins are superior to moulded fins as they provide far more speed, drive and hold due to the increased rigidity of the flex pattern. Hand foiled fins ensure a fin is ridged for speed and drive at the base however they are tapered perfectly towards the tip to provide the perfect amount of release and spring. Torren chooses to use the Medium template in beach breaks and smaller wave conditions at home for more speed, however once the waves get more serious he moves to the Large templates for more hold and drive.
Twin Fins