Hand Foiled Quad Rear Fins
Hand Foiled Quad Rear Fins

Hand Foiled Quad Rear Fins

  • Premium high tensile 6oz hand-foiled fibreglass (32 x layers)
  • Individually hand-foiled and wet rubbed
  • Single tab fin base (compatible with Futures box)
  • Designed to be paired with front thruster fins as quad option 
  • Matt black finish
  • Available in 50/50 foil
  • Recycled reusable EVA fin sleeve

The needessentials Hand Foiled Fibreglass Rear Quad Fins are designed in conjunction with world class freesurfer Laurie Towner to be the best possible all-round quad fin set up. Sold as a set of two fins and designed to be paired with your existing front thruster fins to provide a quad option.

These individually hand-foiled fibreglass fins are superior to moulded fins as they provide far more speed, drive and hold due to the increased rigidity of the flex pattern - rigid at the base for speed and drive then tapered towards the tip to provide release and spring. 

The needessentials 50/50 Foil Rear Quad Fin template is designed with a symmetrical curve on both sides of the fin to create a smoother feel while maintaining increased stability and control. The 50/50 Foil performs best in bigger more powerful waves and allows you to push hard through your turns. These 50/50 Foil Rear Quad Fins will work with standard needessentials thruster side fins in the front fin boxes.  Specifications:   Height 110mm, Base 105mm, Foil 50/50. 


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